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Discount Post Installation agrees to:

Install orders received before 3pm Monday through Friday will be scheduled for work the next working day. Service operations occur Tuesday through Saturday. Discount Post Installation will give quarterly notice of holiday schedules and dates where service may be delayed. Next day service is only to be expected if the order is complete and contains correct information. This will include correct company information, contact phone numbers, gate codes, property address, and other pertinent information to the order. Any missing information will result in a delay or cancellation of service. Posts may only be moved or removed by a certified Discount Post Installation employee unless permission is given otherwise. Discount Post Installation is not responsible for any damage to property or persons as a result of an unauthorized move or removal of a post. Discount Post Installation will follow client site instructions and minimize landscape damage. It is the responsibility of the Client to inform Discount Post Installation of underground systems. This includes cable, water, electrical, and gas services. Pipes and sprinkler damage as a direct result of an install will be repaired by a Discount Post Installation employee. The damage will be inspected by Discount Post Installation and repaired if found to be a result of the install.

Client agrees to:

Client assumes full responsibility for any post rented from Discount Post Installation. Any lost, stolen, or damaged posts will be subject to additional fees. Rented accessories will be returned in the same condition as when they were issued. This includes flyerboxes, infotubes, riders, and other items rented from Discount Post Installation. Client is responsible for gathering correct and complete information pertaining to the order. Client must make Discount Post Installation aware of any applicable rules and restrictions set by the governing city or home owners association. Client acknowledges that failure to gather this information prior to requesting the order may result in a delay of service. Client acknowledges that invoices are due upon receipt and accounts with past due balances exceeding 30 days will result in late fees. Failure to resolve past due balances may result in post removal and service delays. Client is responsible to make Discount Post Installation aware of any billing errors within 60 days of receiving invoice. After this time, Discount Post Installation assumes that invoices were correct and cannot reprocess.

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